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Power Rental

Power Rental subtitles

Drekan is your contact for all your electrical installation provisional operating lease or as part of a turnkey contract including installation, rental and maintenance throughout the life of your site.

Our main means

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  • Generator from 20KVA to 200KVA

    With his experience and competence in all areas constituting maintenance Drekan is now moving towards a multi-service approach to offer manufacturers or owners its services for any operations of:

    • Preventive maintenance of machines or networks HTA
    • Global Maintenance with or without uptime guarantee
    • Predictive Maintenance
    • Change of large components
    • etc.

  • Armoires de distributions

    As part of its operating contracts, Drekan offers:

    • Supervision H24 MV networks Machines and
    • The collection of data and SCADA MV
    • The maintenance of roads and green spaces
    • The periodic inspections
    • The HSE management of the park

  • Cellules de comptage

    Although the activity is and will remain Drekan maintenance, we develop in France and abroad an offer mounting and cabling services. Unlike other foreign providers, Drekan offers turnkey solutions may include:

    • The provision of heavy lifting equipment (> 1200T)
    • The availability of human resources
    • The rental of tools, base camps, generators, etc.
    • The management of on-site babysitting
    • The project HSE coordination
    • etc.

  • Cables

    In addition to its maintenance business, Drekan held in stock and is therefore likely to provide within 24 hours, most references consumables and spare parts required for the maintenance of your machines.

    • Lubricants
    • Filter Elements
    • Mechanical Components
    • Electrical Components
    • etc.

  • Condition & Monitoring

    Drekan now offers all its customers an offer built around predictive maintenance and incorporates the latest developments in terms of CMS expertise or equipment. This offer is valid regardless of the service provider selected by you, manufacturer or third party on almost all types of machines

    Our offer "condition monitoring" includes:

    • The installation of a vibration analysis system SKF WindCon
    • The installation of an oil monitoring system
    • Data analysis
    • 4 inspections of machines per year (visual, thermography, etc.)
    • etc.

Refeeding public or private networks in an emergency, temporary site installatoins, additional power: Drekan has technical and logistical solutions to meet the specific demands.