Our purchasing policy

The majority of purchases Drekan group is processed by our Purchasing Department located in France, only a few low-value purchases are processed by other services or by local structures located abroad.

The Purchasing Department's mission is to propose, implement and control the purchase policy for the entire group Drekan. It also ensures the supply of technical materials, and evaluation and monitoring of suppliers.

Drekan purchases are in line with EU rules in the energy sector and the French trade legislation. Drekan however, is not subject to public procurement code but chose, as part of its purchasing policy, validate any investment in the context of supply or service contracts, annual or multiannual. The writing and publication of a tender are not worth also to control obligation; validation of purchases involved a tender remains at the sole discretion of Drekan.

Any response to a tender implies acceptance of terms and conditions of purchase of Drekan group and commitment to providing the conditions described in the response.

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